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  1. What is Deriv X?

  2. What is the minimum / maximum I can deposit into my Deriv X account?

  3. What markets can I trade on Deriv X?

  4. What is the minimum and maximum amount to trade on Deriv X?

  5. What are the major differences between DTrader, Deriv MT5 (DMT5) and Deriv X?

  6. How do I create a Deriv X account?

  7. What are the differences between Synthetics and Financial accounts?

  8. What is a Deriv X password?

  9. How is my Deriv X password different from my Deriv password?

  10. How do I reset my Deriv X password?

  11. Where can I find my Deriv X account information?

  12. How can I deposit funds into my Deriv X real money account?

  13. How do I withdraw funds from my Deriv X real money account?

What is Deriv X?

Deriv X is an-easy-to-use trading platform where you can trade CFDs on various assets on a platform layout that you can customise according to your preference.


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